Wednesday, October 27, 2010


DIGO CHILD - {my moms way]

I was born an Indigo kid, that is to say, "Additional Dimension Disorder" has been both a curse and a blessing all my life. I remembers that I always  have been Intuitive and tuned in to the energy of animals, people and houses to such distraction that school was impossibly hard to focus on.  
As the teacher spoke in class I saw her brushing her hair with a sad expression of loneliness the night before.  I could hear the mental whispers of children both abused and happy around me in classes  to such distraction I became overwhelmed.  To my fathers frustration he saw how intelligent his daughter was, completely frustrated with my lack of normal focus in school. My mother saw me as a budding artist and theatrical student.  

My mother took me to the Art Museum of Chicago, where together we would study the paintings  as well as sit on benches and watch people.  "What do you feel they are thinking?" my mother would ask.  "What do you suppose their life is like?'    We called this "People Watching."  What my mother could not know is that she was teaching a coarse on intuition ... exactly  related to my gift!

At 19 years old in {1970} I bought my first  Tarot Deck and taught my self  how to "channel" through the cards as if little T.V. sets.  So skilled did I become at this new found joy,  that  I purchased a 1950's wedding dress at a campus thrift store, tie dyed it, and began reading from a colorful tent at Iowa Art fairs, Coffee Houses and Victorian Boutiques.  

Though life has not been easy as a single mom, and I paid the price for being born Indigo and not attending collage, I worked hard and stayed independent.  All through the years of working in a packing house, on weekends I was either a psychic dressed in velvet at fairs and boutiques, as well as an area musician that played several instruments, wrote my own songs and sang. Mom was right.  I was a budding artist in my own right, and proud to be Indigo.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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